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Mohawk is an action camera, communications system, navigation unit, activity tracker, and emergency response system all rolled into one.

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BRC Wrist

The brc Turns your phone into a walkietalkie.
Chat using Any BT headset, over any distance, with no
roaming charges. All from your handlebar.


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Our mobile app allows you to track and share your rides,
chat with friends via Push-To-Talk (PTT) comms, alert loved ones
of an emergency, and share original photo and video
content in real time.

Mohawk fits on your favorite motorcycle helmet

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Mohawk fits on your favorite
off-road helmet

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Mohawk fits on your
favorite biking helmet

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Mohawk fits on your favorite
skateboarding helmet

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Mohawk fits on your favorite
snowboarding helmet

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We Make Riding More Enjoyable


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Our crash-detection algorithm cleverly distinguishes between a bump in the road, or something more serious.

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The instant a crash is detected, Mohawk texts and emails your GPS location to your emergency contacts.

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Mohawk perpetually records the last 2 minutes of audio, video and telemetry data - just like the black box on a plane.

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Our Guardian Angel service provides directions, roadside assistance, emergency services & tracks stolen devices.